Fighting spirit-singer Lisanne Spaander (20) free of bone cancer

Singer-songwriter Lisanne Spaander, which is in 2016, together with Marco Borsato occurred during Symphonica in Rosso, is cancer-free. Reports that the singer on Twitter.

“You don’t know how relieved I am. Yesterday’s scans had already called. Long live the Princess Máxima Centre”, writes Lisanne. “I’m clean, no mr Ewing more in my body. Now touring with friends to share the good news to celebrate.”

Mr Ewing refers to the 20-year-old singer on ewingsarcoom, a form of bone cancer that, in 2014, when its was discovered. In 2015, the singer announced, after a song wrote about her illness: fighting spirit. She got an audition and got to perform with Marco Borsato.

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