Father tassenontwerper Kate Spade dies day for funeral daughter

The evening before the funeral of designer Kate Spade is her father, Earl F. Brosnahan junior died. According to insiders, the man “succumbed to a broken heart”.

Kate Spade committed three weeks ago to suicide. She was found in her apartment in New York. Her father has this sadness and great loss not able to process, writes People.

The fashion icon is Thursday buried in Kansas City, where she originally came from. The service was private, but there were also many fans of the designer to the city come to her a last honor.

Earlier this week, the fashion label Kate Spade New York is known 1 million dollars to donate to agencies that are attempting suicide prevention and for mental health bets. Actor David Spade, the brother-in-law of Kate Spade, donated $ 100,000.


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