Failed joke billionaire makes Senegal desolate

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MOSCOW – Players and officials of the Senegalese national football team are furious at the businessman, billionaire and tv personality Lord Alan Sugar. That was on Twitter a misplaced joke. Senegalese politicians calling for his resignation.

Lord Alan Sugar on a luxury yacht. Inset: the tweet.

Sugar has shared on Twitter a photo of the Senegalese team. “I know these guests from the beach in Marbella”, he wrote on it, accompanied by photos of all kinds of sunglasses and handbags, by vendors in the popular strandoord ad nauseum are offered.

The comparison put bad blood with the president of Senegal. His adviser, Youth and Sports, Ndongo Ndiaye, calls them ’harmful’ for the players. “Everyone here talks about it. Of course there should be freedom of expression. But this was very wrong. If I were his boss, I had fired him.”

Alan Sugar is no stranger in the world of football. The businessman, whose wealth is geschad on more than a billion euros, was chairman of Tottenham Hotspur football club between 1991 and 2001. Also it has been known from the BBC series The Apprentice.

Now the tweet is deleted. In a statement gives Sugar the failure of his ’attempt at humor’. “I regret it.”

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