Demi Lovato sings about alcohol addiction

7eb620adb6ecdb91e4987351be05894a - Demi Lovato sings about alcohol addiction

The 25-year-old singer has already had to deal with alcohol addiction. With her new number she offers her apologies for her drinking problems.

Demi Lovato seems to have suffered a relapse in her battle against alcohol addiction. The singer launched Friday a new single in which she sings that she is back on the drink. In march, fourth in the 25-year-old Demi is still that they are six year of the drink was finished.

“Mom, I’m sorry that I am not sober am. And dad, sorry for all the drink on the floor”, sings Demi in the song. They close with: “Sorry that I again at this point. I promise that I will help search. It was not my intention. I’m sorry for myself.”

It is not clear whether Demi the about a time in her distant past, or something what recently happened. The singer with the announcement of the number the words “my truth” is written.

Demi had himself previously in a rehab in order to geheelonthouding to come. Also she turned to programs like Alcoholics Anonymous.

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