Daniël de Ridder will never be bored on Halina Reijn’

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Ex-footballer Daniel de Ridder (34), that since more than a year in a relationship with actress Halina Reijn (42), never say to his girlfriend, looking forward to hit. “And I do not believe on me.”

In interview with the Volkskrant calls The Knight Reijn “disarming”. “Really an animal. Just as the animal in me. Crazy to say, but we are two animals who have found one another.”

The couple has the occasional “heated discussion”. “Which normal people think: jesus, pacify it? But an hour later … we embrace each other and we sit back to laugh. We can quickly switch between the animal and the intellect. We have a universe of his own, which we meet very understanding.”

On the other hand, the two also very different, the former footballer. “I’m afhoudend. So I protect myself. And it is: voem, here I am, making them vulnerable. We complement each other. It sounds like a supercliché, but we are a good team.”

Reijn let rather like to know want children. The Knight wants to in the interview does not dwell on their desire to have children. “It is our decision, it is of ourselves. I can say: if a baby comes, then we will have that with a lot of love to embrace it. And if it would not come, we continue to embrace each other.”


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