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Crypto-currencies: the interest of Young millionaires grows

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You are young and you don’t need the money, actually: High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI) under 40 showed in a survey of large interest in the crypto money.

The interest in crypto-currencies grows. This is true not only for people who want to get rich, but also for those who are already. This is the result of this year’s World Wealth Report by the consulting company Capgemini. Millionaires and asset managers around the globe should take, among other things, on the topic of crypto-currencies position. The Generation U40 showed the digital money is particularly open.

Among the HNWI, who owns assets in the amount of at least one Million US dollars. Here, the value of the home is not included in the calculation. In the category of 40 years and younger, over 70 per cent of the surveyed HNWIs said that it is very important to them, their asset managers to be on crypto-currencies-informed. The older millionaires show, however, is less impressed: Only 13 percent of the more than 60-year-old HNWI wanted to receive from their Asset managers with information on the topic of crypto.

Also, the asset managers in terms of crypto cautious. Only around 35 per cent of the surveyed HNWIs said to have from their Asset managers, already information to crypto-currencies.

A total of 29 percent of the respondents expressed a high interest in the purchasing or Holding of crypto-currencies. This interest 39.3 percent to justify, with the prospect of high returns on investment. 19.3 percent seen in crypto-currencies have the potential as an alternative store of Value.

Also “normal people” want to get into crypto-currencies

The interest in crypto-currencies does not rise, meanwhile, is only for the millionaires. The 29 percent of the Capgemini survey, roughly corresponding with the results of a recently published study by the Postbank. These 3.100 has not questioned – only the wealthy – German citizens on the subject of crypto. The Postbank study, had an old pair of scissors to detect. While overall, only about a third of the respondents claimed to have a strong interest in Krytpowährungen, this was in the under 35-Year-olds, almost 50 percent.

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