Criticism on zwembadplannen of Macron

8fa8bd74f131ea71df2b8ced49c46060 - Criticism on zwembadplannen of Macron

The French president Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte have plans to build a pool build at the presidential country retreat Fort de Brégançon, an islet on the south coast of France.

The couple has a study was ordered to see if a pool is possible, because the site is protected as a historical monument. Financially, there may not be a problem. The pool is part of the 150,000 euro which is annually allocated for the maintenance of the residence. Nevertheless, there is much criticism on the decision, because the opposition the waste.

There are still some technical issues to be resolved, because the Macrons want to their swimming pool prefer not to be able to be viewed from the neighbouring beach. The property is very visible from boats on the Mediterranean Sea. There were in the past, quite a few unwanted presidential snapshots made on that beach. The girlfriend of former president François Hollande, Valérie Trierweiler, won a number of magazines for the court. The sheets had a photo of woman in bikini on the beach, published. Jacques Chirac would be in 2001, nude, photographed in the fort, but those pictures were never published. Nicolas Sarkozy was also photographed, when his wife, Carla Bruni turns up very pregnant.

The Fort de Brégançon is since the 60s a presidential country retreat. Charles de Gaulle stayed there for the first time.

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