Court rejects re-request Manafort off

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WASHINGTON – A U.s. federal judge Friday denied a prosecution for money laundering of money to drop the case against the former campaign manager Paul Manafort, president Donald Trump. The indictment filed by special prosecutor Robert Mueller, that the research of Russian interference in the American presidential elections.

Paul Manafort

The ruling comes a day after a separate request from Manafort was rejected by the FBI confiscated evidence from a storage vault to be excluded to.

In may refused the same judge is already a request from Paul Manafort to bring an action against him in the context of Russian influence on the election to drop the case. Manafort claimed that special prosecutor Robert Mueller are booklet to the outside had gone by to accuse him of, inter alia, money laundering. Judge Amy Berman Jackson of the district of Columbia, ruled then that the claim of Manafort “many weaknesses” included.

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