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China’s 2. Crypto-Rating Index: Ethereum only Second, Bitcoin on place 17

38b2263824db79236cbc5c7a54652a51 - China's 2. Crypto-Rating Index: Ethereum only Second, Bitcoin on place 17

China’s Ministry of industry and information technology has released its second official crypto currency Index. In contrast to the first Index Ethereum falls to second place behind EOS, the can occupy the top position. Bitcoin remains on the rear seats and occupied only rank 17.

Last month, Ethereum at the top of the China Crypto-Rating Index, followed by Steem, Lisk, NEO and Komodo. In comparison to the first publication has changed so much in the Ranking. The Bitcoin occupies only 17th place and falls in the ranking of the last month of the space 13.

EOS is now the number one, followed by Ethereum, NEO, Stellar and Lisk.

The list includes a total of 30 crypto-currencies to be evaluated on the basis of their technology, application and Innovation. The evaluation is organized by the Chinese government Agency, China Electronic Information Industry Development (CCID) of the Ministry of industry and information technology, together with the CCID Think Tank and the China Software Testing Center under the China Electronics and Information Industry Development Research Institute and carried out. It is the development of scientifically evaluated level of the projects, in order to understand the latest Trend of the Blockchain technology.

The most important criteria for inclusion in the crypto-currencies to include, according to CCID:

  • The project should have its own independent Blockchain.
  • The Nodes can be freely created.
  • The project should have a published Block-Explorer, in the block information can be easily tracked.
  • The project should have an open source code.
  • The project should have an available Website page.

The independent analysis of crypto-currencies and the underlying Blockchain shows the expectations of the Chinese government to technology and serves as a guide for government, business and research institutions. China sees the Blockchain technology is an interesting innovation, looks to be part of the future of the economy and trade.

Nevertheless, China has banned the end of last year, known to the trade of crypto-currencies and Chinese crypto currency exchanges to close. State-Blockchain solutions are wanted. This also shows that China is the world’s number-One Blockchain patents, as Forbes reported last month.

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