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Calculated Shaqiri helps Switzerland in overtime over Serbia after great match and goal Mitrovic

aa6fd20ef6d3250edca1bed3380756ce - Calculated Shaqiri helps Switzerland in overtime over Serbia after great match and goal Mitrovic

Switzerland is one and a half leg in the eighth finals of the world cup after a penalty soccer match against Serbia. Ex-Anderlecht striker Aleksandar Mitrovic had the Serbs early on lead, but after resting arches Granit Xhaka and Xherdan Shaqiri the situation. Both Swiss goalscorers have Kosovo origin, and they left after their goals is not to provoke.

Deliciously laden, that was the match between Switzerland and Serbia in group E of the world cup in advance. Not only because both countries compete to spot two in the group after Brazil, but also because some of the Swiss roots had in Kosovo. Their independence is still not recognised by Serbia. Star player Xherdan Shaqiri threw last month some oil on the fire by a picture of his football boots on Instagram. One of them with the Swiss flag, the other with… the flag of Kosovo. In Serbia they were already then on their hind legs.

“If he does as much as Kosovo does, why he plays for a different country?”, responded Aleksandar Mitrovic just before the match. The ex-striker of Anderlecht responded again, this time when the match was already five minutes had begun. With a rake header. The cross came from Dusan Tadic, Mitrovic towered for the second time in a few minutes the top guard Schär and nodded handsome diagonally within.

Starring role for Mitrovic

Mitrovic would be the protagonist of the first half, because after Yann Sommer previously been a firm header from the Serbian striker out of his goal should have whip, surprised Mitrogol actually with a dangerous ado. Then he went again – coincidence or not – quarrel with Shaqiri then that very easy to the grass castle. Serbia dominated and took out the rest with a 1-0 lead, but allowed on the half-hour, however, pleased that goalkeeper Stojkovic, a deviation from Dzemaili from goal.

After peace came the Swiss to set up and eight minutes in the second half followed the reward. Arsenal midfielder Granit Xhaka when he kicked the ball from outside of the sixteen in the corner. And yes, Xhaka – a of origin a Kosovar – fourth with the double adelaarssymbool of Albania. A strong political provocation.

A few minutes later, the other Swiss-Kosovar is also illustrated. Shaqiri flashed from the edge of the sixteen and kicked the ball toward the farthest intersection, the pole saved the Serbs.

Calculated Shaqiri scores decisive goal

Re Mitrovic seemed to be the balkan country a new lead to give when he went down after a whopping two Swiss at his body hung in the penalty area, but referee Brych whistled no penalty and also the videoref did not. It turned out that the scrawny attacker afterwards first deposited had on one of the defenders before in duel.

In a frenzied final phase, with opportunities over and over again, drew calculated Shaqiri the Swiss over the line. The small dribbelkont escaped from own half, ran his defender Tosic off and moved the 1-2 governed under the body of goalkeeper Stojkovic. To celebrate he did like Xhaka with the adelaarssymbool.

By the victory is Switzerland together with Brazil on a header in group E. The Swiss will play their last match against the already disabled in Costa Rica and seem to be a certainty for the eighth-finals. Serbia and Brazil will compete in the last match to the next round. The Serbs have a victory is necessary to the quintuple world champion of the eighth-finals.

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