Belgian lifelong to the cell in Cambodia for kilos of cocaine

d575f3ce1ab523d3718655ef59e3783c - Belgian lifelong to the cell in Cambodia for kilos of cocaine

A Cambodian court Friday, a 34-year-old Belgian to life in prison sentenced because he had tried more than a kilo of cocaine into the country to smuggle.

The Belgian rider was found guilty of drug smuggling and sentenced to a lifetime imprisonment and a fine of only 17,000 euros, said spokesperson Y Rin of the municipal court of Phnom Penh.

The man came from Brazil and had more than a kilo of cocaine in his suitcase. He was in January at the airport of the Cambodian capital were arrested. The man lives for several years in the Asian country, where he has a family founded. He can still appeal against his conviction, but his lawyer was not available for further comment.

The Belgian had at the beginning of June debt known to and explained that to him 25,000 euros was promised for the smuggling of the drugs. He assured the court that it was the first time that drugs had been smuggled.

Cambodia has in the last few years his fight against drugs increased. Hundreds of people, including high officials, have already been arrested. The country is a major hub for narcotics in the region.

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