Belgian couple driving a rental car cliff

5398494f2cc46c1475dc4c84a0e2c346 - Belgian couple driving a rental car cliff

Palma de Mallorca – A Belgian couple during their holiday on the Spanish island of Mallorca with their car of a cliff, driven. The Nissan Micra was ten meters down to a halt against a rock in the sea. The occupants were injured.

The couple had the car in a parking lot parked, on top of a cliff at the beach of S’illot. The reverse parking was the vehicle still in forward, causing the car through a wooden fence and the ten-meter-high cliff afreed. So reports Nieuwsblad.

The car came to a stop against a rock in the water. The couple had the fire brigade out of their precarious position to be liberated. The 58-year-old man and 53-year-old woman after the accident transported to the hospital.

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