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Basic Attention Token buy: A step-by-step instructions

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At the time, it is possible the Basic Attention Token (BAT) to buy on and/ or to swap.

You can exchange Bitcoin against BAT. Here, you have to go following steps:

  1. Log on to the site*. You need to just a normal Account without your complete address data.

2. After you have registered, you can click on the tab for the Funds and then on “Deposit Withdrawals” because you Bitcoin to your Webwallet wish to Deposit.

3. Then on Bitcoin. Then you generate a click to Deposit your Reciving address. To this address the Bitcioins must be sent. If you already have Bitcoins or small shares of it, then you can send them from your Wallet just to .

3. If this is not the case, you can be on* you buy Bitcoin directly to your Bitcoin address you generated in .

It should be noted that it may take up to 24h until your Bitcoin on in the account arrived. Not so don’t be nervous when you see your Bitcoin immediately after purchase immediately in the account.

4. If your Bitcoin are arrived at you can click on the top left of the Binance Logo, then you will be redirected to the trading overview. Since the list is forever long, you can simply use the “Find” command by pressing CTRL + F together. Now you ASKED and you jump directly to the right place. Now you click on BAT/BTC.

After that, you can exchange your bitcoin units against BAT in Binance. This goes as follows:

You enter on the Button “Buy ASKED,” how much Bitcoin you against BAT would like to swap. In the Red framed box, give you a how much BAT you want for the current BTC exchange rate. Then you can (at least I always do so) for the transaction you set the BAT want to swap at the current market price. To do this, you will need to in the Orange framed box, and then click on “Market”. The result is that your transaction is executed immediately, as they will be placed at an adequate price on the market.

Of course, you can enter a good course, however, regulates itself and shows you an error message if the price deviates too much from the current exchange rate. After you have entered everything, click on BAT easy to Buy. Usually, you’re then within seconds, a confirmation and you will see the purchased BAT in your Wallet.

Once the exchange has been accepted you within seconds of your BAT on your Webwallet of

If you have any more questions or can’t cope, write a comment! We are happy to help you.

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