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Argentine press is devastating for Messi: ‘Stand on edge of abyss’

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The Argentine media in their analysis is merciless for the national team after the heavy 0-3 defeat against Croatia at the world cup.

‘Argentina is ridiculous. The rest of the league is in danger”, writes La Nacion.

On the national Argentine transmitter TV Publica declared commentator Diego Latorre that ” Messi was paralysed: he was nowhere’.

Infobae has a ‘humbling defeat against Croatia.’Argentina is on the brink of the abyss’, it sounds. The media focuses on the blunder of goalkeeper Caballero, which is the 0-1 heralded. “He has an incredible mistake. And to say that he was chosen because he has good feet…’

“This defeat does hurt a lot’

The Argentine coach Jorge Sampaoli tried after the competition some of the popular rage to exorcise: ‘Croatia is a good team but after the tegengoal broke something in us. We had no control over the events. This defeat does hurt a lot.’

After the disappointing 1-1 against Iceland and this heavy defeat, Argentina has its fate no longer in own hands. To still go to the eighth finals, should be here next Tuesday in any case be won of Nigeria.

‘There is no alternative. We will all have to give in our last match, ” the Argentine coach, who is on understanding, hopes for the Argentine fans. “I hope that they can forgive. I am responsible for this result. I’ve done my best, but the correct solutions are not providing.’

About Lionel Messi said Sampaoli: “He is our captain, the leader of the team. But we found him today not in the passing, so that he was not in his usual game could get. We worked hard to get him the ball, but the opponent also worked hard to prevent. It is a battle that we have lost.”

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