Alyssa Milano wants to be foster parent to be

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The actress offered, in a letter to her home open to a child from one of the immigrant families at the border from each other are achieved.

Actress Alyssa Milano has offered to foster parent of a child from one of the immigrantenfamilies which are torn at the U.s. border with Mexico. There are children separated from their parents as a result of the immigration policies of president Donald Trump. People crossing the border illegal crossings, are persecuted and their children taken away. Some 20,000 children will be in the coming months, are held on military bases.

Milano, known from the hit series Charmed, wrote a letter to a member of the board of refuge facility for immigrants Cayuga Centers, Edward Myers Hayes. She offered it to one of the children from the facility in her family.

“Watching the stories in the news about secret transportation of children, it seems as though your organization has raised to temporary for these poor souls to worry,” she wrote in a letter that was published in the New York Post. “I, and others who are against the policy of the White House, acknowledge your effort. This letter provides I you my help. As a mother I know that children go back to their parents in the United States.”

The actress also promises to continue with its support to the child after he or she is back at the parents. “After they are returned, I will help to the families in the US. I’m sure a lot of other Americans even if their moral and patriotic duty to see.”

There is currently no plan for the children that are taken away from their parents, to get back to their family.

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