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All-clear: Bithumb wants to compensate its users

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Recently, the crypto exchange Bithumb fell a Hacker attack to the victim. As immediate reaction, the operator froze the accounts in order to avoid greater harm. This would appear to be around 31 million US dollars. Now, the stock exchange reported again. They wanted to compensate its users, if you have lost something.

It was one of those attacks that leave the security of crypto-exchanges of doubt. Suddenly, accounts are frozen, you read that 31 million dollars is missing and must fear for its Bitcoin or Ether. Then radio silence and you don’t know exactly what happened.

In the case of the last attack on Bithumb there is however, relief for concerned users. On their Blog, the company spoke up and indicated that all users will be compensated for any losses. So you first confirmed the number of stolen deposits. It is a 35 billion Korean Won, or just under 31 million US are lost dollars. We are looking into but as before, what happens to it. Therefore, it could even be that you could at least obtain a portion of these losses. Because it had, however, a much higher sum than the Company, it is no Problem to compensate the user for any lost crypto-currencies. Furthermore, many cryptographic be the users of the currencies currently not available because they had been stored for protection temporarily, to a Cold Wallet.

Security update planned

In addition, the company works according to the announcement, is currently on an extensive safety update to be able to such problems in the future, completely avoid. The attack to educate, work together you also with national authorities.

It shows Once again: as soon As you have bought his crypto-currencies on Online exchanges, you should not remove them – unless you are just. Significantly safer Alternatives are Offline Wallets, Paper Wallets or for people, their memory confidence, Brain-Wallets. (If you want to learn more about this, please refer to our newly revised Version of the Bitcoin Bible – it’s worth a look.)

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