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A new face for Caesar: ‘Less heroic than previously thought”

bb58cd836b74ce4d05b398f5a9cb1153 - A new face for Caesar: ‘Less heroic than previously thought"

Julius Caesar has a new face. Physical anthropologist Maja d Hollosy made a 3D reconstruction of the head of the Roman commander-in-chief for the national museum of Antiquities in Leiden.

The bust was the idea of archaeologist Tom Buijtendorp, who at the same time, the book Caesar in the Low Countries, appeared. D Hollosy used, among others, are now containing published research results. She went for the face of Caesar further two busts, one from Lead and one from Turin, and of coins with Caesar out of his own time.

Especially of the header in Turin certainly seems that in life and fairly realistic is made, says Buijtendorp. ‘He has a crazy bump on his head. A physician said that something arises during a difficult delivery. That you not as an artist. And realistic portraits were in fashion.’


The image in the Lead is very similar to that in Turin, already the most powerful man of his time a piece of his forehead, mouth and nose lose. D Hollosy made a 3D print of the head out of the Lead. There she took out the top layer from and then a new one, where they clay and silicone rubber used.

This gave Julius a lifelike face. “I will not leave him cheerful and friendly look. He was a general who seem to went’, said D’Hollosy.

According to ancient sources, had Caesar, assassinated on 15 march of the year 44 Bc, almost black eyes and a white skin, and pepper-and-salt-coloured hair. A lot of hair, it is not, because the hair of posthumous statues is fabricated. “He is now a little bit of his foot,” says Buijtendorp. ‘He was in terms of victories and looks less heroic than we thought.’

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