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A life soaked in vodka and luxury

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You can watch it tonight how Switzerland and Serbia it did on the world cup. All those who are juichkreten want to save up for the Red Devils tomorrow, can also tune in to one of these movies.


Canvas, 21.15-22.50 hours

Marion Cotillard dropped in 2014 by Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne ‘dardennifiëren’ to Sandra from Seraing, a woman who has her colleagues have to convince her job to save. The ending of this movie left the reviewer at the time, for weeks in its grip.


Q2, 22.50-1.10 pm

Bruce Willis must travel back in time to save the earth from a deadly virus that in 2035 the world population will drastically kortwieken. Terry Gilliam created in these years-negentigklassieker an atmosphere of stark madness, with Brad Pitt as the schizophrenic son of a nobel prize winner.


NPO3, 22.05-23.45 hours

Jasmine has for each other. She realizes not only that her seemingly successful life, a large vodka and luxury-drenched lie. When her husband leaves for the babysitter, the ground under Jasmines feet to slide. They lose the pedals and seeks solace at her sister in San Francisco. There she must get used to the reality. A bitter pill to swallow.


Four, 20.45-22.40 pm

The life of Nick, Kurt and Dale would be a lot more bearable if their terrible bosses life. Because resign is not an option, forge the friends in a drunken mood with advice from a dubious ex-criminal with a clever plan to get each other’s bosses once and for all to silence. There is only one problem: even the best-laid plans are only as smart as the brain behind it.

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