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33 Russian athletes will receive slots of the IAAF

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The IAAF has 33 Russian athletes are given permission in 2018 under the neutral flag in international atletiekkampioenschappen to take part. That made the Wereldatletiekbond Friday announced on its website. The Russian national association of athletics remains suspended.

After the dopingsschandaal on an institutional scale was Russia in november 2015 banned from international athletic competitions. Doping free athletes could since the Olympic Games in Rio, however, a request under the neutral flag to take part in international championships.

In december 2017, that procedure was relaxed, and it’s since more than 180 applications to date. Now the IAAF 33 athletes the green light has been given, may this year, a total of 58 Russians participate at the international level. So won Maria Lasitskene and Danil Lysenko at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS indoor in Birmingham is still gold in the high jump to, respectively, the women and the men.

44 athletes were given a negative answer on their request. Five athletes, including the runner up at the worlds on the 20 km Sergeï Sjirobokov, was the special status revoked, because they are by the exiled coach Viktor Chegin have training.

The 33 winners are all younger athletes. They may participate to the world CHAMPIONSHIP in the U20 (19-24 July in the Finnish Tampere) and in the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in the U18 (5-8 July in the Hungarian Gyor).

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