Yana of ‘Temptation Island’ gets four months in prison for theft

2d62fec171286e869871306897f137d5 - Yana of 'Temptation Island' gets four months in prison for theft

The Bruges criminal court has Yana D. (23), known from the FIVE-program ‘Temptation Island’, was sentenced to four months of effective imprisonment for theft. The young woman from Ostend went to take a handbag. They didn’t show up at her trial.

The facts were played on december 29, 2016 in café The Bridge in Ostend. Yana D. grabbed the handbag of C. L., and threw later the content away. On the basis of camera images was the seducer of ‘Temptation Island’ as the suspect in the picture. Also the statements of the victim and a witness did her the tie.

The court sentenced D. in absentia to an effective prison sentence of four months and a fine of 600 euros. “The facts testify to a manifest lack of respect for social norms and other people’s property”, they said in the judgment.

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