Yana Daems denies theft

e65ad63cb5c0035bc90ff71afb99037a - Yana Daems denies theft

Wednesday was Yana Daems by the correctional court of Brugge sentenced to four years in prison and a fine of 600 euros. Yana almost fell off her chair when they the news and decided to find a lawyer to consult. That showed Wednesday night knowing that he is using a bailiff opposition to appeal the judgment. Daems was Wednesday, not present in the court and there now appears to be a good reason for that: the seductress of Temptation Island was not informed that a seat was on the court. “Miss Daems denies manifest that they ever committed theft and regrets that she’s already so is qualified, without that they had knowledge of any hearing before the court”, let her lawyer Omar Souidi know.

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