What will happen now with the children in the US?

3c96b96ccdde327fcd2e1dc34af7b8f3 - What will happen now with the children in the US?

Trump has the end of the scheidingsbeleid announced, but there arise new problems. What about the children that are now already fixed? And then, there will never not have kids be locked up? Anyway.

The presidential decree that Donald Trump yesterday signed, will put an end to the separation of children and parents who are in the country illegally are trying to come inside. The scenes of children in an iron cage, and the sound recordings with crying children had the pressure on the American president greatly increased.

But since the fifth of may, are already 2.342 children trapped. The presidential decree says nothing about what to do with them. A procedure to provide them with their parents to reunite, is not so far. Some parents were even sent back without their children. The presidential decree changes provisionally nothing. The U.s. government also has no timeline given for the reunification of the parents and the children.

And now: families close

With the presidential order the detention of children does not stop. Families will now be together in detention to be held, instead of separately. But, according to a 21-year-old law allowed families not longer than twenty-one days of being locked up. In his presidential decree asks Trump to the department of justice to that rule. His government threatens with lawsuits bombarded to be, if it were not in time succeed.

Democrats have already expressed concerns about this state of affairs. ‘Trumps command wants one form of child abuse is replaced by another, ” said Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the Democrats in the parliament. “Instead of traumatized children to protect, the president is now the minister of Justice (Jeff Sessions, red.) dedicated to to pave the way for long-term detention of families, in conditions similar to captivity.’

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