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What a contrast: while Ronaldo writes history, flirt Messi with early exit

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Croatia has Thursday night at the football world cup in Russia after a handsome 3-0 victory against Argentina assured of a place in the eighth finals. For the runner up at the worlds and star player Lionel Messi threatens the elimination in the group stage. What a contrast with his eternal rival Cristiano Ronaldo…



0 – 3


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Ante Rebic scored in the 53rd minute the openingsgoal in Nizhny Novgorod, after a blunder of the Argentine goalkeeper Caballero. Luka Modric doubled with a clever shot in the 80th minute, the Croatian lead. In the added time explained Ivan Rakitic the 3-0 final score.

Not a single shot on goal…

Lionel Messi could just as in the first game against Iceland, not in the least impress. When he missed even a penalty kick, this time he could not a single time on target shooting… Also, he gave a tormented impression, the inhuman pressure was clearly on his shoulders which he is not in a normal do. He was with dismay his goalkeeper blundered and was even frustrated after the umpteenth duel that he lost to Barça teammate Rakitic…

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… versus imposing Ronaldo

The contrast is great with his eternal rival. Cristiano Ronaldo scored Wednesday against Morocco (1-0), though his fourth goal at this world cup. Against Spain (3-3), he made the three Portuguese goals.

If Iceland wins of Nigeria, it is very dangerous…

Croatia is 6 on 6 posted for the eighth-finals. Argentina has only a 1 in 6 and flirt with the power off. Tomorrow/Friday are Nigeria and Iceland face each other in the other match of group D. Iceland held in his first duel, Argentina in check (1-1), while Nigeria with 0-2 lost to Croatia. On the slotspeeldag next Tuesday (26 June) Nigeria/Argentina and Iceland/Croatia on the program.

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