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West-Flemish grabbed fifth title in a row, 31-year-old best elite-without-contract in BK time trial

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In West-Flanders Anzegem has Ann-Sophie Duyck its fifth consecutive tijdrittitel won. Duyck took it for Lotte Kopecky and the surprising tijdrijdster Ellen Van Loy.

Topfavoriete Ann-Sophie Duyck (Cervelo-Bigla) was in West-Flanders Anzegem with a lot of force majeure for the fifth consecutive time the Belgian champion time trial. “But that’s the in advance subject to fluctuations that I would win, I would not dare to propose. A victory is simply not on order”, said the 30-year old West-Flemish. “I had but one purpose and that was to that title, extend. That brings some pressure with it. On the duration of anyone to assume that you anyway will win.”

“Time trial is a specialization. I am not a natural talent, but have there years of working on it. Many of the small details to ensure that I just’m better than the rest. My strong points sharp I had for years and I am always looking for progression. Those efforts are paying off. But it remains a tough time. Still against the pain threshold of reinforcement and the strain on the legs. From the start, should be the appropriate pace to be sought. Go deep and find yourself wrecking it is to ride in time trials. I heard that I have a good time at the drop and in the second round, I saw suddenly Lotte Kopecky drive for me. Then, I knew enough.”

Verraes best elite-without-contract

The 31-year-old Benjamin Verraes crowned in Anzegem to fresh Belgian time-trial champion at the eliterenners without a contract. The West-Flemish klokte after to 28.2 kilometers in a time of 36’33”. Good for an average of 47,27 km/h.

“Last year in Chimay, it was a very hot day”, put Verraes after the end of the shore. “I had that BK was also a goal, but I was completely genekt by the warm weather. My legs were simply cut off. I am glad that it is now a bit chilly, with the heat, you can do nothing.”

The trail is described as slightly undulating. But that’s not true at all according to Verraes. “Slightly wavy, I would not say it. It was really work on the time trial bike. The course consists of the typical Flemish slabs which consistently rakes. In addition, the circulation up and down. And the wind was occasionally fierce at the disadvantage. My girlfriend gave me during the first passage that I almost the same time as Sander Elen. I am continue to pass and eventually I was the best today. I’m a bit of an all-rounder. I’m not slow in the sprint and can also go along with an escape. The title of Belgian champion is still a crown on my season.”

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