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VRT warns government: ‘Four fictiereeksen less per year’

16b5524726636b8408cc18475e6f3f61 - VRT warns government: ‘Four fictiereeksen less per year’

The VRT, the Flemish government a serious warning. ‘The story of the additional savings may not last.’

If Flanders continues to skimp on the operating budget, there shall be every year four fictiereeksen less are made and the social agreement with the staff on the slope. That, says Luc Van den Brande, chairman of the board of directors, Thursday at the discussion of the annual report in the parliament.

‘There was a guaranteed funding agreed in the management agreement. Nonetheless, it was on top of the savings a non-indexing applied to the operational resources, ” says Luc Van den Brande. ‘The story of the additional savings may not last. A compensation of the desindexering is necessary. If there is not, we can have a foursome fictiereeksen no longer broadcasting. A second consequence is that the social agreement on the slope will come.’


The public broadcaster gives Flanders two choices: either we stop with skimp, either gets the broadcaster more room to be themselves means to collect.

The VRT referring to the reclameplafond that in recent years was systematically exceeded, but from 2018 it should be respected. The VRT does not join in the reasoning of the broadcasting revenues of the commercial channels position by more advertising to recruit. “There is, to date, never been a study done,” says Van den Brande. The VRT wants to be examined to see whether the full market may be greater is if he become more active in the reclamewerving.


Open VLD believes in. For commercial players can the millions that the VRT collects a substantial difference, ” says member of parliament Lionel Bajart. ‘Me creeps often have the feeling that the VRT manifests itself in the grey areas where he is not required to be present. This is to minimize he the play area for the commercial players. I’m talking about the advertising, but also about, for example, the sportwebsite that often a clickbait-atmosphere phenomenon.’

For CD&V may be a solution for the financial problems anyway not weigh on the budget. ‘This may, however, be viewed in the consultation around the reclameplafond of the broadcaster, ” says Karin Brewers.


In 2015, went to be with the VRT a new besparingstraject of start: the service was at the request of the government of 33.5 million euro savings by 2020. That was achieved through a further reduction of the workforce. In addition, the government decided to make the operating budget of the Flemish government not to index, until the end of the term.

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