Villa Wesley and Yolanthe in the rental

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Are you still looking for a special holiday? Perhaps it is the villa of Wesley and Yolanthe than an idea. The couple will soon be going their enormous villa in Ibiza to rent!

Yolanthe traveling back and forth between the Netherlands, Qatar and Ibiza. Although the brunette himself feel at home, this also means that her houses regularly empty. For that reason, Wes and Yo decided that their luxury villa in Ibiza to rent.

“Do you know what it is, we have such a beautiful house. And we make so little use of, because of course we both very much work. How smart is it when you can rent and hence also can earn money,” explains Yolanthe to RTL Boulevard. The set has no single problem that this also means that there are still strangers in her house to nose around. “We are in the summer, we sit with twenty people. Friends, family, everyone! With us it is always a community centre”, she laughs.

However, it is not for everyone at the spacious home to rent. Is expected to hire at least 10,000 euros per week, but it would also be easy to 30.000 euro can cost.

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