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VeChain called OceanEx CEO as senior adviser

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VeChain, a Blockchain-based platform which mainly focuses on inventory and supply chain tracking, recently announced a partnership with OceanEx. OceanEX is a crypto-exchange trading and Asset Management platform, which was launched by BitOcean Global.

The Singapore-based Blockchain Startup published Details of the partnership in an “emotional” article on Medium. In the article the CEO VeChain, Sunny Lu said, the reason for the partnership. He also praised Xiaoning Nan – the CEO of OceanEx, he was driven in his endeavors incredible””.

“I didn’t ask for Nanning because of its Position, therefore, to be our senior consultant, I asked, because I know that it is really important. Him the money was no matter, he takes care of the fame and in many ways, he cares not even to ICO. Everything I know of Nanning, is that he is a man who is interested in the future of Blockchain technology.“

With this partnership, OceanEx will be, in Essence, a trading and Asset Management platform on the VeChainThor Ecosystem.

Through the implementation of proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms of OceanEx VeChain will be able to keep track of the various transactions within the VeChainThor Ecosystems and to isolate potential anomalies.

VeChain plans for Mainstream Adoption and use of the public Blockchain platform

Through this collaboration VeChain find more uses for your Ecosystem, in this case, cryptocurrency trading, and asset management. In the past, VeChain was several times in the Position to be one of the first companies, the uses for Blockchain explored.

Last month VeChain of DNV GL, risk management and quality assurance company received a minority stake. This means that the company is moving into the market for ISO registrations and digital security. In addition, VeChain has worked in the past with Givenchy to develop Blockchain-based solutions for the Tracking of luxury goods. This partnership was announced by Sunny Lu, the CIO of the Louis Vuitton group, Givenchy.

Sunny Lu during an AskMeAnything (AMA) Event

VeChain has also worked with some other companies, such as PWC, BMW, and Renault. Two weeks ago, VeChain announced on Reddit that they are going to develop the Oversea cerebrospinal fluid Tracking platform for D. I. G, the authenticity of alcohol and ensure drinks. D. I. G. is a subsidiary of the WaiGaoQiao group, a state-owned company that manages 30% of the imported wine market in China.

Source: CoinMarketCap

The editorial deadline VeChain is to 3.22 $ 17. largest Cryptocurrency according to market capitalization – +3,20% in the last 24 hours. However, it fell still of 66% from its all-time high of 9,45 $ in January.

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