Turkish Amnesty-president remains in cell

e874bef46e3200ce13547df2e82f4502 - Turkish Amnesty-president remains in cell

ISTANBUL – A Turkish court has determined that Taner Kiliç, the president of Amnesty international in Turkey, the prison must remain. That has the human rights organisation Thursday, via Twitter announced. Kiliç is still there until 7 november. Then adjust the next hearing on the program.

The extension of his detention confirms according to Amnesty international shortly before the elections once again that Ankara not so closely takes with the freedom of expression and human rights.

The president of Amnesty international Turkey has been more than a year ago, was arrested on suspicion of ties with Fethullah Gulen. The government-Erdogan accuses this in the US living islamic spiritual the brain to be behind the failed coup in July 2016. Amnesty states that no trace of evidence is provided for the involvement of Kiliç.

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