Tijs Vanneste brings particular number Sometimes for OverKop

8a16d209a58af4a6b99b9c8d83a6d8df - Tijs Vanneste brings particular number Sometimes for OverKop

Tijs Vanneste, better known as Jef Van Echelpoel, was this morning a guest at Sam De Bruyn, Heidi Van Tielen and Wim Oosterlinck in the ochtendshow of Qmusic. The singer brought the first the his new song ‘Sometimes’, that the slogan is of OverKop. The five OverKop-houses, where young people easily inside and outside, walking for relaxation, but also for fast professional psychological help, thanks to the collected 4.103.677 euro of Red Noses Day 2016. In “Sometimes,” acknowledges Tijs that everyone be difficult, also to himself, and he asks to be loving and caring with each other.
Tijs has experience with the target group of Red Noses Day. He has worked as a creative therapist with vulnerable young people and believes in the approach and functioning of OverKop. Tijs Vanneste: “It seems to me not more than normal that I feel a side bet for young people. The world and society are there not simpler. Certainly not for those who are a little less steadfast in life. It is for most of us, rowing with the oars you have. ‘Sometimes’ is a song for young people who are struggling with themselves, with others or with life. It is intended as a ray of hope which you can cling and by which you, in the best case even finds strength to make a new start.”

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