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The nicest familiefestival? Graspop!

eed3464abb6e02c262861079302e1baf - The nicest familiefestival? Graspop!

‘Guns n’ Roses Family”, point an arrow in the backstage the way for the entourage of the metal band. In addition: the daughter of the bassist, who today with her own group at Graspop played and yesterday Axl Rose to a Workshop room.

A pint deal with Axl Rose? At Gmm, we are not (yet) succeeded, but yesterday happened to be a fan in the Antwerp room Kavka. There played The Pink Slips, the group of Grace McKagan. In the audience: her father Duff McKagan, bassist of Guns n’ Roses, and Axl Rose. “That’s a hall of 6 on 6, is really very small,” commented a fan Paulus Ielegems at Studio Brussel. “We were really only within. To suddenly Axl Rose and his entourage entered the court.’

At Graspop there was actually hardly any more people to look at The Pink Slips: for the first gig on the mainstage was only a handful of fans at the front. Not that it’s the frontwoman celebrated: the blonde with smeared lipstick and pink eyeliner squirmed lascivious about the stage, while the solid poppunk of her (male) band with greasy bass knipoogde to The Kills, Blondie and others.

There are, in fact, a lot more metalheads who like their family to bring on tour. Was last year at Graspop: As Lions, the group of Austin Dickinson. And that is the son of … Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden. We have Bruce can’t yet ask why his son this year, do not start to the festival, but as possible the very moderate the reviews for something in between.

Those who do are three times, should come to Graspop, was Lauren Harris (in 2007, 2008 and 2009). She is the daughter of Iron Maiden founder Steve Harris. In 2012, she came by the way once again back with her new band Six Hour Sundown. In 2013, founder of her new musical project Kingdom of I from the ground, but she kicked it on the Metal Meeting. Apparently you can family name just as well cast a shadow, but hard to get you off.

Nevertheless: those who thought that he was on Cactus, Sphinx, or Dranouter needed for a cozy familiefestival, is it for the effort. Take this weekend just your offspring to Dessel. Do the musicians there as well.

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