The fuss is to coat Melania Trump

9c82315fe3604124746cef80d12f8417 - The fuss is to coat Melania Trump

MCALLEN – The U.s. First Lady Melania Trump last Thursday, unexpectedly, a shelter for migrant children in the state of Texas visited. The jacket that he was wearing, made a lot of fuss.

Melania Trump in the coat that for of commotion.

And not because it is a cheap jacket from the Zara, but due to the text on the back. That was ’I really don’t care, do you?’ or ’I’m really never on, are you?’, so came the Daily Mail.

The White House confirmed the message of the British tabloid, but a spokesperson said in a response of a storm in a glass of water: “It’s only a jack. There was no hidden message. After the important visit to Texas today, I hope that the media would focus on.”

The First Lady was unambiguous about her visit to the shelter: “I just want the children here to meet.”

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