The boy turned away for shorts, returns in skirt

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Aberaeron – The 16-year-old scholar, Louis Fice from Wales was last week his school sent home because he go to school came in a pair of shorts. Shorts are not part of the school uniform, so she said. No point thought Fice and returned a moment later in a skirt.

At the high school in Aberaeron in Wales can students only to come to school in a short pants when the director gave permission for this. That was Wednesday, it was a lovely warm day.

Louis thought it was really too hot for the long pants of the school uniform, and was, completely against the rules, in a short pants to school. He was then heengezonden.

The girls are allowed the whole year, a skirt to wear. So, as reasoned Louis, a skirt would be appropriate attire. He borrowed a copy from a friend and returned to school.

The school management was not happy with the new outfit of Fice. Fice was to be no skirt to wear. “Unfair, I had to change clothes of the teachers.”

It is 2018, not 1950

And that was Fice too far. “How dare they put me in some box to stop only because I eruitzie as a boy”, reacts Fice. “Stop this inequality, and add the short to the school uniform”, as he calls on on Facebook. “It is 2018, not 1950.”

To his words the boy is a petition started which he calls the current uniformregels to abolish and advocates for a gender-neutral variant.

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