Temptation temptress Yana: ’I am innocent!’

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Temptation Island temptress Yana Daems got Wednesday a prison sentence of four months and a fine of € 600 imposed by the court in Bruges, but there is the blonde clean, it does not agree. She denies all allegations and draw resistance.

“Miss Yana Daems has her lawyer, Mr. Omar Souidi, requested legal action against these totally false allegations,” is the message on the Facebook page of Souidi & Souidi Lawyers. Souidi has accepted the charge and is now a bailiff instruct to objections against the judgment.

“The court will be asked to the innocence of miss Loor. Mrs. Daems denies manifest that they ever committed theft and regrets that she’s already so is qualified, without that they had knowledge of any hearing before the court.”

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Four months in prison for Temptation temptress Yana

On Instagram is the outrage among the followers of Yana big. “You draw nothing, they only want self-awareness,” says someone comfort her. “People are so rap jealous that they the happiness of another, try to decrease”, responds another. Yana themselves trying to be sober and to remain under the situation. When asked what’s going on, she writes: “the drama around me to make, instead of the people alone.”

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