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Team Sky pulls out to Tourmonument in new relletje around Froome: “He understands it clearly is not”

9917b70ec468dfe1e34c2e7d22a590f6 - Team Sky pulls out to Tourmonument in new relletje around Froome: “He understands it clearly is not”

Team Sky has firmly taken out to Tourmonument Bernard Hinault. Who called the riders to stop if Chris Froome, that he is a “cheater”, at the start of the Tour de France. “He understands the case clearly not,” says the British wielerformatie in a press release.

Hinault, who in the past as the boss of the peloton once the rates dared shut-down, called the riders to mutiny as Chris Froome at the start of the Tour de France would come. With Froome last year was an abnormally high concentration of salbutamol determined. The International Antidopingtribunaal of the UCI did not yet decided in the case and not see that it is that even before the start of the Tour will do. The tribunal must, after all, a dossier wrestling by Froomes lawyers was drawn up and already 1,500 pages counts.

Hinault is not the first the best: with five overall in the Tour – as much as Eddy Merckx – he is a real Tourmonument. God in France, the home country of the Tour.

Team Sky: “Irresponsible comments”

Team Sky, the employer of Froome, reacted as stung by a wasp on the statement of the French hero of the people. With an official press release, in which it stressed that Froome officially not tested positive on doping and also firmly out of it to Hinault.

“It is disappointing that Bernard Hinault is further erroneous statements made about a case that he clearly does not understand,” writes the Team Sky. “His comments are irresponsible and based on poor information. Chris (Froome, ed) has no positive doping test taken, he has a different value to be achieved for the prescribed asthma medication.”

“This process was normally confidential to the athlete to protect while the facts are established. Unfortunately it was leaked. This is clearly a difficult situation, which no one faster solved than Chris and the team.”

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