Summer without beer? This is the culprit

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MOSCOW – the next time barbecues, parties or a night world cup games scheduled? Then it would be just a non-alcoholic version can be. The biervoorraad is seriously threatened by a shortage of CO2, writes CNN, and beer brewers to sweat carrots for the next few weeks.

Football fans refresh themselves with a beer.

Europe has recently a shortage of carbon dioxide, which is used for the ’bubbles’ in different drinks. The drought comes at an inopportune time, because the summer is traditionally the time when beer brewers can peaks.

Once in the four years of experience brewers even a superzomer, when a wereldkampioensschap football is finished, and everywhere in Europe, people congregate in bars and cafes. “This is exactly the wrong time”, according to Brigid Simmonds, chairman of the British Beer and Pub Association.

The shortage of carbon dioxide is a result of large-scale problems in the production of ammonia, which is used to carbon dioxide to obtain. Different production of ammonia have recently been closed, while the high price of natural gas would not help them again soon.

Because the next few weeks, probably only small amounts of ammonia in the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp will enter, would the carbon dioxide crisis, serious forms can take, so fear of initiates. “CO2-the companies are actually bound hand and foot, and beg the ammonia-producers to not have the tent to close,” says Richard Ewing, an ammonia-expert.

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