Striking decision trainer Hoffenheim

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SINSHEIM – Coach Julian Nagelsmann leaves about a year for football club Hoffenheim, which plays in the Bundesliga. He has the decision already been taken.

Julian Nagelsmann

Nagelsmann, which is seen as a future top trainer, was already coveted by several top clubs.

According to the German press agency, DPA is now already certain that Nagelsmann about a year in service comes to RB Leipzig.

Previously had the trainer already given his word yet at Hoffenheim to continue. The 30-year-old Nagelsmann since 2016 in function at the club. His contract runs yet formally until 2021. There is a vertrekclausule in.

,,I think I have everyone a service evidence as soon as possible to clarify things,” explains Nagelsmann its decision. ,,Otherwise from the first game yet, only speculated. Now everyone knows what it stands for.”

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