Stray lioness Belgium shot

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Mechelen – The stray lioness in the zoo of Planckendael is shot. This confirms the Belgian police. The animal Thursday morning around 10: 00 from its cage escaped, it would be too much in a panic have been to stun.

Not the lioness in the story.

The animal escaped from its cage and came to a service entrance. How that could happen, would the zoo not yet say.

The staff was just as a precaution evacuated. The attending visitors were safe but need to be in their car or in the restaurants or shops remain.


Around 10.00 hours slipped a young lioness away from her cage at the zoo in Mechelen Mice. The park was immediately in an uproar. First, the animal is in the hallway of the building were afterwards to wander around between the lions and elephants.

“After two failed verdovingspogingen we have the escaped lioness with a shot put to sleep”, it sounds now in the park.

Planckendael is now completely closed. New visitors may park not more within and are requested in their car to stay. The small audience that just after the openingsuur was already present, is currently located in the buildings on the edge of the domain, as confirmed by Van de Sande. The busy chaussée de Louvain, in both directions closed, so reports City of Mechelen.

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