Song “Yes sister, no sister” found at VRT

bb7c703ec88cfe8aaccb46a1de5d1381 - Song "Yes sister, no sister" found at VRT

Image and Sound a recovered fragment of the iconic series Yes sister, no sister in possession.

The recording of the song The cat of Uncle Willem, sung by Wim Sonneveld, was recently found in the archives of the VRT in Flanders. It is the second time that a scene from the series by Annie M. G. Schmidt and Harry Bannink in the Belgian archives, is found. The two fragments were in the sixties, probably lent to the VRT and not returned.

VPRO, journalist and Form expert Frank Jochemsen will the clip of Wim Sonneveld Sunday show during the afternoon Wim Sonneveld. He told about the find in the program Spotlight on NPO Radio 5.


Yes sister, no sister was one of the big televisiehits in the sixties. The VARA tv program about his exploits in the Home Klivia was viewed by millions of people and won a Televizier-Ring. Between september 1966 and september 1968, there were twenty episodes made.

The iconic episodes were preserved on Ampex-tapes, large magnetic coils to which the video signal was recorded. To on to save on storage costs, these were the bands in the seventies erased, so the program was lost. However, the sound recordings have been preserved; cd’s with this recordings are still sold. Another unique fragment that Jochemsen Sunday shows is a recording of a game on the occasion of the silver jubilee of then queen Juliana. Wim Sonneveld told a fairy tale that candidates had to play.

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