Singer Robby Valentine on the street abused

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Singer Robby Valentine is this week out of nowhere beaten up. He was also called ’dirty fag’ and ’zimmer’ (gay). The perpetrators have gone away.

Robby Valentine and his wife, Marlies Schuitemaker

On his Facebook page that places the singer a photo of the injuries to his face. He tells that he together with his 6-year-old daughter was on the way to her primary school and from train station Hoorn Kersenboogerd al was followed. Once arrived at school, he asks the help of two other fathers. To prevent the out of hand, they decide with the three of them back to the station to walk.

As Robby already suspected the trio again, the boys against. When one of the fathers them their behaviour is wrong. The singer of the hit Over and Over Again in his face punched. The other man gets a blow on his news. The wife of Valentine, Marlies Schuitemaker has let to NH News to know that the perpetrators ran away.

“For years, it is Robby on the street yelled at, partly because he, of course, striking looks”, she responds. It is, according to her, the main reason to move from Almere to West-Friesland. “This is, of course, really not awesome. But I find it so nice that these men Robby have helped. Also, they pick up him this morning, again up at the station together to go to school.”

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