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Safe Haven developed continuity solutions

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Safe Haven developed security and continuity solutions by legal entities in a decentralised solution for the inheritance of Wallet passphrases, Bank accounts, Social Media accounts and crypto-currency integrated.

Safe Haven

The platform will be integrated on the VechainThor Blockchain with smart contracts and a patented Trust Alliance Network (TAN). The service answered the question: How would your Loved ones or business partners access to your digital Assets when you are there?


This will be an Autonomous and Social Networking Hub for the Blockchain-related legal matters. The goal is to connect the necessary legal entities such as lawyers and notaries, specialized in crypto-Asset Management, with owners of crypto-Assets. It will be the world’s first legal reference to the Distributed Ledger / Blockchain applications, users, and companies.

The family circle plan (TFC)

This is a Testament for crypto-Assets creates, in Essence. He allows it defined members of the inheritance, at the date of death value on the plants to access. Sales possibilities are almost endless. The advantage of this is that not every share is stored on the Blockchain, but only a part of the shares. The specifics of this process depend on the parameters, which are defined by the Person who initiated the contracts, and includes the possibility to rely on the participation of a third party by a member of the TAN.

Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

This is the same structure as that of the family circle plan, however, in respect of shares of a company.

“Safe Haven allows me to fulfill my inner desires as a man. It not only feeds my entrepreneurial desires, but also allows for the responsibility of a father to accept, and to leave everything what I have prepared, and to leave it to those who I love.“ Founder Jürgen Schouppe

Investment circle

This service is aimed at people who want to establish a Fund, or a property with friends, family members, or business prospects, and manage. Smart Contracts can be used for sharing any types of Assets. The conditions for the release of this proportion can range of price thresholds on milestones to a full consensus. The group can also decide to integrate the TAN, in order to define these conditions, and sales procedures and to manage.

Safe Haven-Safe

For each type of data, from photos to legal documents, the Safe Haven block with optional further help the TAN files, so you will never be lost and can be specified with the possession of attributes.

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