Rescued circustijgers to England

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THE HAGUE – Five tigers from a circus in Spain, which have saved thanks to the AAP Foundation for a new place to live. The animals move to a zoo on the British island of Isle of Wight.

Photo for illustration.

The tigers Antonella, Natasha, Zoppa, Girona and Mondo are Wednesday night departed out of Spain, where for months are cared for in the Spanish sanctuary of MONKEY.

“This transport is an immense logistical operation. We are transporting the animal by car, train and ferry to the English island. In addition to the transport, of course, also to the highest animal welfare and safety requirements,” says director David van Gennep Stichting AAP.

In total the trip is about 36 hours; expected to arrive the tigers Friday morning in the zoo. A total of 23 EU member states have a ban or restriction set on the use of wild animals in circuses. But there is a big opvangtekort.

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