Rel to pool Macron

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PARIS – Emmanuel Macron wants a swimming pool built at the presidential country house in Bregançon. That’s him on the criticism and strengthened its image of a head of state for the wealthy.

The French president Emmanuel Macron wants to make privacy a swimming pool.

His predecessor, François Hollande spent only one summer, but Emmanuel Macron is planning more holidays to celebrate in the beautiful abode in the Var. He would like a swimming pool for his stiefkleinkinderen, the offspring of his 25-year-old wife Brigitte.

Dig a hole is impossible on the former fort, so it is an above ground bath that between 10,000 and 15,000 euro would cost. The amount shall be paid from the annual budget for the villa, that is about 150,000 euros.

Macron wants the bath for privacy: his family is visible to everyone if he is going to the beach. Installing a private swimming pool saves a lot of costs, because there is no security team have to be called out if the president or one of his family members for a swim.

The opposition is not to speak about the plan. The chairman of the Parti Socialiste hit Macron on Twitter with all kinds of recent cuts to the ears, including a discount on the rent subsidy.

For his critics it is a sign that Macron on the road is a ’bling bling’president, like Nicolas Sarkozy. Recently ordered for 50,000 euros in china for the Elysée, though it claims to be the satirical weekly La Canard Enchainée that the order of 500,000 euro. He is also resent that he earlier this month in the presidential Falcon flew to a short distance, what an expensive joke.

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