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Rate analysis: Tops and Flops of the week (week 4) and Outlook KW 5

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In calendar week 4, the decline of recent weeks seemed to be for the majority of crypto currencies to continue. To Friday, 10 a.m., all crypto-were, with few exceptions, the currencies in the Minus. Friday marked a turning point. Since then, the prices rise in the entire market. Because of it this week after all, 84 crypto-currencies from the Top 200 by market capitalization for the period of the last 7 days in the positive range (compared to the previous week, it had to be closed 14).

Much of the connection between the Bitcoin Futures, and the “real” Bitcoin price was discussed this week. We have published an article, and the temporal relation in the Candle Chart for the last three months shown.

Even if a significant temporal relation was visible, from our point of view, however, unclear, whether the price movements of the Bitcoin market manipulation, or whether other factors have played a more prominent role (wave of Euphoria as Bitcoin Futures, were announced by profit-taking as the Bitcoin the 17,000 Euro has cracked psychological reasons, etc.).

The end of the first CME Bitcoin Futures for Friday, 26.01. 17:00 (German time). Friday morning it looked as if the theory of the Bitcoin Futures would clearly confirm. On the Morning of the Bitcoin exchange rate fell from around 6 hours of 9.367 Euro (4:00), 8.375 Euro (10:00). In consequence of the course but recovered easily. To 17 PM, the end of the first CME Futures, increased the price of the Bitcoins back to 8.934 Euro.

Since then, both the Bitcoin and the Altcoins to rise again. Looking at all the Charts of the Top 10 that falls on each and every currency has reached on Friday at 10 a.m., a local low value. After that, all the courses are on the rise. This shows, from our point of view, the strong influence of the the top dog dominance of about 34 percent has Bitcoin, its market.

Below you’ll find our winners and losers of this eventful week.

The winner of the week

IOSToken (+ 123 Per Cent)

The IOSToken with 123 per cent, Plus the biggest winner this week. Until a week ago, the IOSToken was probably just the least of all investors. Within a short time the Token is in the Top 100 and is currently with a market capitalization from EUR 459 million at rank 54. The Token is only at 16. January started at below 0.02 Euro per Token. Since Wednesday, he is also listed in the stock exchange Binance. Currently, the course is 0,066 euros per Token.

The reason for the sudden rise of the Altcoins is probably mainly in his support and the promise of the platform. IOS stands for “Internet of Services”. The founders of the platform, the promise of infrastructure for all types of Online Service providers.

Simply put IOST developers of Online Services is to provide a System for the development of their services on the Blockchain. It is placed by the developer a main focus on the scalability of the network. In contrast to the majority of other crypto-currencies of the IOST has performed no ICO, but the Token is exclusively for private and institutional investors sold.

Based on the rapid price increase, one might suspect that it is a Pump-and-Dump-tokens. On the other hand, the large number of institution, accountability of institutional investors in our opinion. Therefore it remains to be seen whether the IOSToken is the next big thing in the crypto world, or whether it is a short-term price rally, as was observed in the case of other currencies in the past already often.

Aeternity (+ 105 Percent)

The Aeternity rate rose in the past week, 105 per cent. Currently, the price is for a AE at € 2.61. With a market capitalization of EUR 608 million Aeternity is currently ranked 44.

Aeternity is based on Ethereum (ERC-20 Standard), and the primary objective, existing crypto-currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Augur faster and safer. In addition, Aeternity must ensure that transactions are only written to the Blockchain, if the user confirms this.

For this purpose, Off-Chain transactions. The use of the Aeternity network is not free of charge, but must be paid for by the user by Aeternity Token. A detailed description of Aeternity on Github.

A possible reason for the increase this week could have been the announced partnership with Erlang Solutions.

Popoulus Coin (+ 61 Percent)

Another Coin is so far gone largely under the Radar, bears the name of Popoulus. The developers of this project have brought a decentralized Peer-to-Peer platform on the market, to support small and medium-sized enterprises with the help of the Blockchain, the invoice financing.

Was founded the project in 2017 by Stephen Williams. Since then, the Popoulus Coin has placed a fast-paced Rally on the day and was able to increase his or her course within the last 24 hours of 43,03 Euro on 58,13 Euro, but the trend is positive,.

The project has, in our opinion, great potential, because the platform can be used worldwide, to be awarded via a Smart Contract for a loan is reliable and fast. The legal framework will be shown in the Blockchain.

Cindicator (+ 30%)

Cindicator was last week, with an increase of 77 per cent the biggest winner. Although Cindicator not score this week, the first place in this Ranking. Nevertheless, it can Cindicator grew again this week 30 percent. The market capitalization is increased in comparison with the last week, once again, to 69 million euros, is now 308 million euros. The rate of Cindicator is currently at 0.21 euros.

Goal by Cindicator the creation of Tools for financial analysts, traders and investment funds, to make predictions for the traditional financial market and the crypto currency market is.

Stellar (+ 28 Percent)

Within the Top 10 crypto market capitalization Stellar lumen, the biggest winner this week is currencies. The Stellar price rose on Wednesday by 28 percent after the Online payment service Stripe has announced that it may implement in the future, the support of Stellar lumen, if the spread continues to increase.

Stellar lumen price increase and road map for 2018

The losers of the week

Bitconnect (- 45%)

Already last week, Bitconnect, with a loss of 94 percent, the biggest loser of the week was after the closure of the Lending and Exchange platform, has become known.

The rate is 45 percent and is currently at € 7.99 per BCC. But the negative headlines, not tear down. As Forbes reported, has sued a group of investors found the BitConnect.

The charge is that Bitconnect was a “far-reaching Ponzi scheme”. Through the lawsuit, the plaintiffs promise, according to Forbes hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.

Smart Cash (- 21 Percent)

Like last week, the smart cash is also part of this week of the biggest losers of the week. Within the Top 100 smart cash need to, with 35 percent for the largest loss.

One reason for that could be the inconsistencies in connection with the exchange Cryptopia. On the stock exchange had disappeared in the smart cash Wallets, account balances, withdrawals are temporarily lost.

In consequence of Cryptopia had locked this week, all the smart cash Witdrawals and an Audit for all of the SMART Wallets. As a result, all of the lost Token could not be restored.

Nevertheless, we stay our stance: smart cash has, in our view, great Potential. The innovative and democratic basic idea behind the crypto-currency that could, in the future to convince more users. The price for a Token is to the editors of time-0.49 euros per SMART.

Ardor (- 16 Percent)

The Ardor rate has fallen in the last week to 16 percent, and is on the editorial staff of time at 0.80 Euro. The Ardor of the course made similar to how the missile is launched from Tron at the beginning of the year, a very steep Start to the Launch of the Ardor platform.

The rate increased from once a 0,29 Euro (beginning of December) to an all-time high of nearly $ 2.39 on 02.01.2018. Since the course is on a steady descent since it is likely that expectations of the published platform could not be met. In this respect, it remains to be seen whether further developments are driven on the Ardor Blockchain.

Ripple (- 11 Percent)

Within the Top 10 crypto currencies by market capitalisation, Ripple is a 22 percent loss-the biggest loser. This is from our point of view, quite surprising, after Ripple was able to announce this week two new partnerships with well-known companies. In this respect, Ripple could be from our point of view for the next week, a tip.

Ripple: IDT Corporate and MercuryFX test xRapid and XRP

Outlook for the following week – KW 4


As we already reported yesterday, there is a little Hype about the RaiExchange platform. The official website is already live, however, the stock market is not yet 100 percent functional. This announcement had a strong positive influence on the Raiblocks course. This is risen in excess of 40 percent, and is at the time of writing at 16,30 Euro.

Probably, there will be a corresponding course correction after the Hype is flattened. If the new platform can, however, convince the potential investors, this could have a long-term positive impact on the development of Raiblocks. In this respect, it is, in our opinion, Raiblocks in the coming week, and must first be observed.


The rate of FUN that could develop from our point of view, within the first quarter of strongly positive. Although the price for a FUN-tokens currently in 0,08419€ and thus significantly lower than the all time high from the 08.01.2018 (0,1626€), however, are for the first and second quarter, a whole series of important events.

At the beginning of the second quarter of this year, is to be the actual product of the FunFair on the Ethereum Blockchain launched. Then, it is for the casino owners it is possible to create with just 2 clicks, your own Online Casino.

If the product creates enthusiasm among potential customers, this can mean a huge Schüb for the course of the Funfair.


Also this week, we should throw in our opinion a eye on NEO. Tuesday and Wednesday, the first NEO DevCon will take place from 30. to 31. January in San Francisco. This could be for the team of developers of NEO direction.

The extent to which the announced developments will be positive, but can show as always, only the next days and weeks.

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