Prince Laurent, compares himself with the Jews during WWII

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Brussels – The Belgian prince Laurent, draws in a conversation about allegations of a Belgian Member of parliament to his address parallels with his own situation and that of the Holocaust and school shootings in the US. “Think of all the children who commit murder. Think of all the Jews who were shot were. Think of each man who was killed because he belonged to a minority.”

Laurent is finished with N-VA Member of parliament, Peter Buysrogge and demanding apologies because he had accused her of a ’false report’. There will be no excuses then wants the prince, the politician to sue for defamation, says he compared The Newspaper. The controversial visit to the Chinese embassy would be missing in the report. The report is a condition for the prince to use his allowance to receive.

The son of a king

Laurent says it kotsbeu ” to be attacked “purely because I the son or brother of a king. If something like that happens to me, I think often of the Jews who were shot, simply because they are a Jew.”

Also the school shootings in the US are the subject of comparison, “There are many students who commit murder because they are being bullied on social media. But that toddler (Laurent refers to Peter Buysrogge. ed.) realize that not.

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