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‘Present’ is adopted and alleged insults to top player, but yet this man the Red Devils flutes

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The Wereldvoetbalbond FIFA has the American Jair Marrufo (41) referred to as referee for the world cup duel between the Red Devils and Tunisia, on Saturday (14h). The referee stood in his home country a few times already in the eye of the storm.


23/06 14:00


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For Marrufo is the first world CHAMPIONSHIP race. He whistled, already some world cup kwalificatiematchen in the CONCACAF zone, on the Olympic Games of 2008 in Beijing and in the CONCACAF Champions League. Two years ago he led Chile-Bolivia in good jobs at the Copa América Centenario. Further, the American especially ref in the Major League Soccer. In his homeland, however, he was already a few times the subject of controversy. An overview.

• Suspended for the adoption of ‘a gift’

Jair Marrufo was the first time in the eye of the storm in 2009. He knew that year a heavy fall after the year was declared umpire of the year. After a match had the witnesses seen how he sweater got it from a footballer – the Mexican football legend Cuauhtémoc Bravo Blank. Marrufo, of Mexican descent, had earlier in the match, a red card is given for an error on him. It led to an investigation of the football association and a small suspension of one match for the referee because he is ‘a gift’ accepted had of a player.

• Do not allow the care for a head injury

In 2013, Marrufo further into disrepute – this time because he’s not a error called when a soccer player Ethan White is an elbow to the head and got the game just let go, without the carers to allow the field to come. Only eleven minutes after the head injury could White be cared for.

• The “insult” of a player

Marrufo was also the man who, in 2017 the oefenmatch between Barcelona and Real Madrid led. Both teams were on stage in the United States. Barcelona won with 3-2, but Ivan Rakitic was replaced because he Marrufo pushed had. Afterwards claimed to be the Croatian midfielder that the referee him three times, heavily offended.

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