Plopsa warns of fake mails!

70c42d33f6e71d0b259d67532fd38a4e - Plopsa warns of fake mails!

Currently circulating there mails from ‘Dland World in which people are encouraged to be, to a beneficial rate, buy a subscription that gives you access to several amusement parks, including Plopsaland De Panne. The Plopsa Group emphasizes that relevant emails are fake.

It was going to be so-called phishing scams, in which scammers sensitive information attempting to obtain and then abuse it. People are first called by the fictitious company ‘Dland World, and then they have a mail in their mailbox to receive them tempted to purchase a ‘DCARD season ticket’. Affected persons are asked to monitor their data and the card to order by clicking on a link.

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