Plofkraak in Kleve, the perpetrators race to the border

KLEEF – In the German Kleve, just across the border near Nijmegen, it is Thursday morning early, an atm blown up. The masked perpetrators jumped in a dark Audi A6, and tore at high speed to the border with the Netherlands. Along the way, they took daredevil feats. It is not known how much money they have looted.

A witness saw the plofkraak happen. A police car on the way to the place, and got on the road the getaway of the perpetrators. The speed was so high and the driver drove so recklessly, that the agent, the car lost sight of.

Germany is already plagued by a so-called Audi gang. The members, often Dutch, blow up atms on and then off in stolen lightning fast Audi’s. To the police to escape, they get dangerous feats. In addition, several Dutch plofkrakers the accident.

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