Pictures second season of ‘Callboys’ started

f8e155dcbf6061d02d6d9964b56cff0f - Pictures second season of 'Callboys' started

The shooting of the second season of the fiction series ‘Callboys’ started. It is just short of two years since the last episode of the first season was broadcast.

Matteo Simoni, Stef Aerts and Bart Hollanders once again in the role of Devon, Macharis, Wesley Biets and Randy Paret. Rik Verheye plays newcomer Jeremy Wings, the twin brother of Jay Wings.

Jay Wings was because of a stupid mistake on his end. A cable in his ponytail became stuck between the elevator doors of a hospital. Jan Eelen, the director of the series, had to say that not immediately the idea there is a sequel to to knit. Hence the deus ex machina that Rik Verheye returns in the series.

The second season of ‘Callboys’ will at the earliest this autumn at Four.

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