NPO: “More painful procedures inevitable’

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The NPO says that the next time more “painful procedures are inevitable.” This says director of French Small Thursday in a reaction to the news that they are Focal point+ is going to vanish. Small stresses that there is “no formal decision has been taken”, but according to KRO-NCRV’s editors have already been told that the program is offered.

“We have just started discussions with the broadcasters about the development of the plans for 2019 and the renewal of the programming,” says Small. “About the exact implementation, we talk in the coming weeks.” The cuts will leave their traces in the media landscape, he warns. “At the same time we do there is still everything to politics to convince that the announced cuts would be unwise.”

Previously reduced NPO already-acclaimed research programme as Argos and Reporter. Also are there plans to EenVandaag of its popular time slot to get to a new soap opera programming. The NVJ calls it disconcerting that NPO “ratings is more important than journalistic relevance.”

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