Nieuwenhuize fear tears at farewell

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538-dj Jeroen Nieuwenhuize fear Friday the need to cry during his last broadcast of the Top 40. “I’m actually a very emotional person,” he says. “I save goodbye prefer, but that will in this case not so simple. I fear that I have during my last words go to break.”

Jeroen Nieuwenhuize

Jeroen Nieuwenhuize was on radio and television for many years, the iconic program connected. “It was a difficult choice to stop,” says the producer. “But I felt actually more and more the need to once again daily radio. Chance I get now at Radio 10. I’m not a dj every sentence with ’I’ begins. But I’m now making a program where I have something more in the foreground should act.”

In the Top 40 is all about finding the plates; the work of the presenter state in the service of the music, argues Jeroen. “There are a lot of people that are not per se 538 listen and yet on Friday to turn on the Top 40,” he acknowledges. “You’re within a couple of hours completely catching up on the latest music and the latest muzieknieuwtjes.” He claims that the program is part of the Dutch cultural history. “It is very honorable to be a small part of to have been.”

Little attic room

Not bad for a boy from Zeeland, who used to be in his little attic room pictures to each other and talked, finds Nieuwenhuize, laughing. He finds it difficult to indicate how he himself in the annals of the Dutch radio. “That’s really a question of where I only go about thinking when I retire, about thirty years or so. But I hope that people remember me as something more than ’that guy with that voice’, as I still often am called. You hope that the listeners feel that you are something more than just the man who the pictures advertises. Just like a model love it if more want to be seen than just a pretty puppet.”

The last show of Jeroen Nieuwenhuize’s on a Friday afternoon to hear it on Radio 538. He is succeeded by Ivo van Breukelen, who in recent years have often was heard as a substitute trumpet player. The new program of Nieuwenhuize is from Monday, July 2 every day to hear on the Radio 10.

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